Hello! I am Deb Kalmbach
As an author and as a speaker, I love to share God’s faithfulness and how to embrace a God-honoring life in the midst of tough circumstances.

Looking for a Workshop Leader or Speaker for your next event?

Deb’s presentations can be adjusted to meet your needs, from a luncheon to a half or full day seminar, to a weekend retreat. Deb considers it a privilege to reach out to others with the same comfort and hope she herself has received. Go here for more information or to request Deb as a speaker.


Some of Deb’s most popular topics…

For Women

  • One Step Further: Small Steps of Hope for Hurting Relationships 

A step-by-step (shoe-by-shoe) approach to loving the difficult people in your life with style, in a God-honoring way. Sessions can include:

  1. Leaving the Land of Ugly Shoes: A Step Toward Relief
  2. Living Whole When You Feel Broken: A Step Toward Wholeness
  3. Wearing Love: A Step Toward Peace

Deb encourages you to take off the “hip-waders,” slip your feet into something more stylish and comfortable, and get ready to do some serious walking. Each step, even the smallest ones, leads you to a new place: a place of hope.

  • Contentment: It Can Be Habit-Forming

Practicing contentment sounds easy enough—when you’re content. But when our lives and relationships are far from what we dreamed them to be, what does it take to find peace? Deb offers Biblical perspectives to help you cultivate the heart habit of contentment.

  • Waiting for a Miracle

Have you ever tried to make someone change? Deb tells the poignant story of how she learned to trust God with her marriage and stopped trying to change her husband. You’ll discover practical ways to experience the real miracle—allowing God to change you!

  • Healing for Wounded Hearts

In this retreat or conference package, Deb reveals how God uses painful circumstances and adversity in our lives for good. Sessions include: The Surrendered Heart, The Obedient Heart, and The Healing Heart. No matter what your circumstances, you’ll find hope and encouragement to continue on.

  • Can This Marriage Be Saved?

Experts say that a marriage can be brought back from the brink if at least one partner is willing to invest energy and effort. Feelings can be reborn and affection restored. In this presentation, which can be tailored as a retreat or conference, Deb encourages couples to dream a new dream together. Sessions can include: What Was God Thinking?, Marriage is Blind, Drawing Lines with Love, Impossible Forgiveness, and The Promise-Centered Life. Deb’s husband Randy can join her for an effective couples event.

  • Marriage as a Ministry

When you hear the word ministry, the last person you tend to think of is your spouse. Yet marriage offers a unique opportunity to encourage and build up another person—to help them fulfill their God-given potential. Deb explores ways to help turn your marriage into a powerful ministry to your spouse.

  • Moms: A Lasting Legacy

Deb discusses the lifetime commitment of being a mother—exposing the myth of being a perfect mom, sharing the methods of good mothers, and celebrating the incredible ministry of influencing our children. Her own humorous and heartwarming experience through 44 years of momhood will entertain as well as instruct.

  • Back to the Basics: Choosing to Live More Simply

During these times of economic stress, how can we live more simply? This retreat or conference helps identify areas where we can simplify our lives: relationships, finances, work, worship, and in our homes. We will look at options for change instead of feeling “locked in” to our current lifestyle.

  • Immanuel—God With Us!

There may not be a sweeter promise in the Bible than the one issued through the prophet Isaiah: :Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel” (Isaiah 7:14). Have you ever stopped to consider this incredible truth? God is with us, not in a galaxy far, far away, but as close as your next breath. Let’s consider this life-changing promise of Christmas, the reality of God with us—today, up close and personal. He is our Savior, our Shepherd, and our Strength.

For Writers

  • Ready…Set…Write

In this workshop, Deb talks about the basics of writing—whether you’d like to be published or write just for fun. This session includes hands-on writing exercises and a look at the step-by-step process of writing a children’s book.

  • Using Your Unique Voice to Write Vibrant Non-Fiction

Make your writing come alive with your own unique voice, one that comforts, entertains, tells the truth, and offers hope. Define your voice with courage, recognize your voice with creativity, practice your voice with consistency, and then write the real stuff!