When I walked into the Spokane Arena two years ago, my emotions caught me by surprise. Music sung by the Women of Faith worship team sounded like I had stepped into a heavenly dimension. I grabbed for the Kleenex I had stuffed into my purse. I hadn’t expected to feel this way. Just being there was God’s incredible gift for me.

Only a few weeks earlier, I had resigned myself. Our budget was stretched to the limit. I couldn’t join my friends from church who planned to attend Women of Faith. I swallowed my disappointment and managed to smile while Mandy, our group leader, told about the upcoming event.

I smiled because I knew what was in store for each woman who was going–the time of her life! My mini-pity party lasted only a moment. How could I feel sorry for myself? I’d already attended Women of Faith several times. My friend, Judy, took me the first time as a birthday gift.

She knew how much I needed encouragement. My life was unraveling. I had almost lost all hope. My husband’s alcoholism had nearly destroyed him and our marriage. When I took my seat in the Key Arena in Seattle, surrounded by thousands of sisters in Christ, I felt overwhelmed by the power of God’s presence. The Women of Faith speakers touched my heart. How did they know that their messages were exactly what I needed to hear? The music infused my tired spirit with refreshment and hope. I wasn’t alone! I could step out in faith once again.

I smiled as I listened to Mandy’s enthusiasm. I remembered how far God had brought me since my first Women of Faith experience so many years ago. By His grace, healing had come to my heart, and miraculously, to my husband and our marriage. I smiled with gratitude. I would miss being there, but I looked forward to the next time I could afford to go.

God had a different plan. Mandy called a few days later. She explained that a friend wanted to pay my way to Women of Faith in Spokane! My un-named friend had bought a ticket, paid for my share of the hotel room, and even included spending money. All she asked was for me to write her a note, telling about my experience. No problem!

I’m still not sure whose generosity made it possible for me to be blessed once again by Women of Faith. All I know was how humbled I felt knowing that God wanted me to be there.

I pray you’ll also be able to experience Women of Faith–maybe in Spokane. I’ll be there!